Left to our own devices!

Our teacher has given us the green light to redesign this course. We started by looking at the Ministry of Ontario’s grade 12 English and Writer’s Craft guidelines and achievement charts to understand course expectations. Based on this we want to set our own learning goals and success criteria. We want to determine what we read, write, and study.

Our goal is to focus on contemporary Canadian authors of diverse backgrounds. This includes writers of different cultural and racial backgrounds, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, socio-economic status, religious and political beliefs. We want to read Adam Pottle’s novel, The Bus, personal essays by Jane Eaton Hamilton, flash fiction by Amanda Leduc, and short stories by Phoebe Wang and Sanchari Sur. We want to read about authors like Dorothy Ellen Palmer. These are published Canadian authors we can connect with via social media and email. Their work is relevant to the themes and topics we want to explore which at its core is Diversity and Equity within CanLit.

Our mission is to promote Canadian authors by increasing their visibility within our school community and beyond. We are grateful to everyone who has supported us either by connecting with us on Twitter or visiting our website. We also would to thank our teachers for challenging our thinking and pushing us beyond the traditional English classroom. This is more work than we ever imagined doing in an English class but we are determined to make a difference by encouraging other students and teachers to support contemporary Canadian authors and to broaden what is read and studied in English classes.

How you can help. We welcome any advice, feedback, and suggestions for reading material and course of study. Follow us on Twitter and visit our website. Encourage others you know to do the same. Support us as we support and promote awareness of our awesome contemporary Canadian authors!


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