Introducing Tanaz Bhathena

In her own words

“Growing up, I never found myself in the books that I read. If I wanted to read about a Parsi character or a book set in Saudi Arabia, I’d usually end up reading something written for adults.”

“Teens deserve to have stories that are entirely their own—from a perspective they can completely relate to—especially marginalized teens.”

“These days the western world is more aware of what goes on in Saudi Arabia when it comes to women’s rights—and I think we need to thank Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and various Saudi bloggers and activists who have been disseminating accurate information online about the Kingdom.”

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Just the facts

  • Bhathena was born in India, raised in Saudi Arabia, and then eventually moved to Canada
  • Toronto is her current home
  • She is the author of A Girl Like That, which was a national bestseller in India
  • Her forthcoming novel The Beauty of the Moment, is due to be released in Feb. 2019
  • Tanaz has written many short stories that have been published in Blackbird, Witness, and Room
  • She enjoys travelling and taking pictures
Released in Feb 2018

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